Our Story


As modern women, we don’t feel the need to sacrifice. Whether in the office, in our relationships — or at the jewelry boutique.

After purchasing one too many necklaces and earrings that quickly turned green, bent out of shape or left us with bleeding ear lobes, we founded Jureve, a thoughtful collection of fine jewelry to fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle. Inspired by the empowering women in our lives, we named it after our personal motto —just reve (dream).

From the office to the bath after a long day of work, our pieces are finely crafted of 100% solid gold. And they’ll withstand all the places you go, because they’re never plated, never filled, and never vermeil. And any diamonds are ethically sourced, and conflict-free.

Our passion for unparalleled materials is matched with our obsession with craftsmanship, and insistence on ethical practices for our artisans. And we sell it straight to you, and parted ways with traditional retail mark ups.

How it's created: Exceptional craftsmanship

We knew we wanted top artisans to create our pieces. That’s why we spent over a year searching the world for exceptional master jewelers — and ended up with long standing connections we had in Seoul, Hong Kong and Panyu. These third-generation artisans have dedicated their lives to perfecting their art, with the same appreciation for detail on our internal team. Together, we commit to quality craftsmanship and responsible practices across each location.

Our pieces are handcrafted. Full stop. There’s no mass-manufacturing, factory floors or conveyor belts, so there’s a human (and a story) behind everything we handcast, set, and polish. And we want it to last for life — which is why we offer lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry. 

Fair Pricing: Fine Jewelry at Finer Prices

Here’s the truth: the fine jewelry industry loves a markup. Some brands mark up their pieces up 10 to 15 times the amount the materials and craftsmanship actually cost. We do not believe in 15x markups. We believe in the direct-to-consumer approach: re-engineering the supply chain, removing the middlemen and selling directly to you. This is how we are able to create exceptional fine jewelry at finer prices.